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International Laboratory Services (also known as "Interlab") employs a large, proficient staff of technical and support personnel for the planning, design and exwcution of various testing and calibration requirements.The procedures meet the requirements, regulations and guidelines of the construction,oil,gas and food industries that are traceable too national and international standards.
Inrterlab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and utilises the most recent,accurate,approved test methods available for testing .In our commitment to excellence and to assure a safe ,reliable and dependable support to the Kingdom , the laboratory consistently implements newly developed tests upon availabilty.

Interlab has established a strong reputation for innovation and laboratory excellence across many disciplines .Since inception ,Interlab has worked hard to build a strong national standing in leading edge fields like Geotechnical and Material Testing Services and is renowned as a foremost provider of professional reporting.

All sections of the laboratory evaluate a new test methodologies.Our quality assurance program encompasses: the development and maintenance of training , continuing education and competency evaluation of staff;participation in proficiency testing programs; validation of software,hardware,equipment and procedures; and the analysis of error s and outcomes of routine audits and practices. International Laboratory Services is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 acredited testing and calibration laboratory; registered with the committee for Organizing Engineering Professional Practice (COEPP) under licence no .EPP/BN/75; authorised by various ministries in the Kingdom.


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